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How to create a sales funnel 2020

We have multiple "sales funnel" Click funnels, Shoppify and any content management system you use ie.

(WordPress, Wix, Squarespace)

In order to make a proper sales funnel you have to design one, not just turn on a website and expect people to purchase.

The first way to design a proper sales funnel is to provide incentives on the home page.

Use the 3 second rule...

"If a user does not know where to go in 3 seconds then your site is designed wrong"

Now this incentive should be in the form of something free to get them to that page.

Now this free item can only be acquired when they purchase your main products.

The best way to go about making a websites sales funnel is to look at the top 10 competitors in your country and click on there page to see what they are trying to get you to do.

If you can, actually go through there sales funnel and purchase the product, see what you get and how you can incorporate that incentive into your own brand.

The second sales funnel would be with a "phone script"

The "phone script" is ment to capture data as well as close the sale on the first call.

These scripts should be engaging, energetic, and captivating. Leading your user to understand the service your business is providing and how they can get started.

Start with : Hello, thank you for calling "_____" we are the best "______" in "_______"

My name is "_______" who might I be speaking with.

Once they answer with there name, ask them if they need help with starting a new account help with an existing one.

From there it's a matter of taking there information, listening and helping the customer pick the right service for them.

Now these sales funnels where only designed for your website (On-page)

This is when we get into your sales funnel


Your funnel (Off-page) should consistently be produced on Craigslist, Facebook, Email, YouTube, Pinterest & any social network your customers are currently using

These (Offpage) sales funnels would be considered "Ads"

Every "Ad" should have an incentive that makes the user want to go to your website or call your business.

When these "Ads" bring in engagement, it is either your websites funnel (onpage) that closes the sale or the live rep on the phone that closes the sale.

Now if you don't understand how to do this, you can watch one of our short

"Soultions in a minute" YouTube video explaining what you just read.

If you want use to create your sales funnel, please call 954-295-0859 and ask for a proper sales funnel that we can create that will bring on average 2 - 5 x returns to your business.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn something new and look forward to helping you grow.

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