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How to design a logo

Different types of logos

When thinking of creating a logo, you should keep in mind a few things.

The first thing you need to consider would be how the “Title” and the “Icon” logo will look.

These two types of logotypes will be used on all your material.

This Is an Icon Logo

This is a Title Logo

You can either create one yourself, find someone to do it, or you can have us do it. All options are viable.

Now create a set of 5 logos, both Icon & Title. Choose which one you would like the most and start incorporating it into your marketing material.

Logos are very fine art, it allows you to represent a company in a meaningful way giving the consumer something they can recognize in the marketplace.


This term is meant to describe the icon logo that appears in the tab bar. These icon logos keep your company creditable & present uniformity to the end-user.

A “Favicon” is just one element of your company's overall brand presence. You're going to need to make sure that these logos are simple and easy to convey your message.

An easy way to create a brand logo would be to use the “first’ letters of the company name.

Let's use “Sensoji Solutions” in this example “SS” would be our icon logo.

Brand popularity equity is a real thing. People spend more time & money on what they are familiar with. This is why Nike is a multi-billion dollar organization.


You need to treat your company like a baby. Use tactics and colorways to suggest what emotions you want your users to feel. Color is a very important factor to strengthen your company's authority. Study color theory to give you a better insight into the human psyche.

We will update this post with a link to a breakdown of color theory as soon as we write it.

Make sure the colors you are using are able to be contrasted against a white and black background along with the transparent background known as the PNG.

Video Logos

Now that you created a Title logo & Icon Logo; you can now invest in an animated logo. These logotypes are great for video production most often used as an “Intro” or “Outro” asset.

Again, you can either do it yourself, find someone else to do it, or you can have us do it; all options are viable.

Make sure when you are getting a logo animation created, that the video is 2 - 5 seconds long as modern users' attention span has been shortening as the increase in content gives them too many options.

“ Don't take too long on the design, you can always change it”

Your logos over time will evolve eventually becoming the final version you and your team will be comfortable with. Just make sure that you keep marketing so you can get feedback on your company's efforts.

Business Cards

Your logo should be designed in such a manner you will be able to properly add it to your printable material. With these business cards you should always think about what the user would like to read; What would incentivize your ideal customer into subscribing to your brand.

If you have any questions regarding Logos & business cards, you should get some from

our team. We can design a set of logos and ship you 1000 business cards for you to network with.

These business cards will use guaranteed marketing ad copy targeted to your audience to give you a higher conversion rate.

Order Now.


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