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How to start a business 2020

The best way to start a business in 2019 & 2020.

First identify what you know how to do; This is any form of a income earning skills.

Like a tattoo artist, masseuse, lawyer... ect.

Learn and master that specific skill and identify who in your country does it the best.

Focus on their products, services & prices to find out how to charge for you're services.

Now that you have a skill & price point.

Focus on providing that skill to everyone in your phone, call and text them all expressing your new found business.

Once you get comfortable with charging for your services; it's time to scale up.

You are going to need to present yourself professionally to draw in more customer's

Create a business profile by finding a brand name "Domain" logo, website and a easier payment method.

Once your store is created, you will need to start marketing.

Find out where your local competitors are marketing, Find out where your national competitor's are marketing, then start paying for marketing to start competing with them for customers.

Facebook groups, Facebook ads & Craigslist are great places to start.

If you don't know how to produce a captivating ad, do the same process of finding another ad similar to your services in another state and reproduce that ad in your area.

The more you advertise, the more chance you have to close.

If you need help creating a beautiful representation of your services, please get in touch with one of our reps to get us to simplify and do all the work for you.


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Soji Ruddock
Soji Ruddock
21 de jun. de 2019

For anyone that is trying to start a business on 0 dollars.

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