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How to start a business online

Starting a business online can be very lucrative. right now 59.9 percent of people are online. If you want to start a business online you are going to need 3 things.

The first thing you are going

to need will be a Domain which is the name of your website, this can be (www.e you have a few things to consider when purchasing a domain. Most domains are valued between $3 - 12 dollars a name unless the system considers it a "Premium " domain.

A "Premium" domain can range in the thousands. If you come across one of these domains you will notice. They will be far more expensive than the others when you search for your future domain. Now the reason for the price difference will be due to the registry company's system thinking that the domain you are looking for will have a high search volume.

You can purchase a domain from a few places but we recommend...

  1. Godaddy

  2. Namecheap

  3. Register

Secondly, you are going to need to purchase a website to connect your domain. A website is also known as a "web host" or "CMS" Content Management System. These websites will allow you to create a

website and connect your domain name. A CMS will be where you display all your content. A good website will reposition its content to help the user accomplish your business goals like Sales, Services, Leads Capture.

The third and final thing you are going to need will be ads, ads are critical to your success. For you to create a good ad, you will need to model the one you are creating after a competitor's ad. If you find a good one from a competitor from another state you can use it to give you a more predictable conversion rate.

Now the secret to generating money is advertising every day for 90 days straight on all the platforms your competitors and your users are using. This will allow you to gauge your market fit & where you should focus your efforts.

These 3 things will allow you to grow your business fast, and of course, there are a few other things you will need to scale like a business EIN, credit & automation

you can find out the 10 things you need for a business by watching one of our videos here.

If you would like some help growing your business, please give us a call 855-723-1505 and check out our fixed packages.

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